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Men's Fashion - Tie

A tie is so much more than just a strip of fabric you struggle to knot neatly under your collar. It comes in nearly every conceivable pattern and shade, in an endless array of materials. Each style says something different about the wearer and his lifestyle. Find a tie that matches your true inner self, whether you’ve always wished you were a pop star or CEO or  a country President.
The Office Tie Office Tie
The classic workplace tie may seem as dull as a desk job, but with the right fabric and color coordination, you can add a little pizzazz to your 9 to 5, like Ed Helms from “The Office.” Though his ties in the show can range from bright to wacky, this colourful number will get you kudos at the water cooler.
The wedding Tie                                                                                      Wedding Tie
Formal ties can be anything from a black or white bow tie to a regular neutral-colored silk version, like Owen Wilson’s gray tie. If you’re headed to a wedding, be sure to check the dress code before you don a white tie and tailcoat. Remember the rule from “Wedding Crashers”: You want to blend in by standing out, but you never want to look like you’re trying too hard.
The Pop Star Tie                                                                                                      PopStar Tie
Obviously, pop stars can pretty much wear anything they please, and for glam rockers like Adam Lambert, glitzier is better. If you’re wearing one of these, be prepared to receive plenty of attention, especially if you wear a matching vest.
The hipster tie                                                                                                b73baa0112a6411c1377a5b4026f3841
The skinny tie, made popular in part by the Beatles in the late 1950’s, have become a hipster staple for formal wear. Here, Actor Hritik Roshan dons a skinny tie to add some hipster flair to an otherwise simple look. Hritik’s tie gives the look a twist with his flamboyant persona.
The Frat Boy tie                                                                                                                                           Frat Boy Tie
Ah, the college classic — prep with a splash of sloppy — the iconic frat boy tie is typically striped in conservative colors and is rarely tied tightly (or straight). Look cool, (instead of hungover) by wearing an ironed coordinating button-down shirt, like actor Jack Silva. Opt for dark-washed denim, as shown here, to pair with your loafers.
The Party Tie        b8f6daa10aae4797399a1e8504d73a90
Get festive and fun in a bold color like pink. Actor Arjun Rampal looks put together but showcases his personality in this bold tie. What else is great about this tie? You can wear it almost anywhere.
The Iron Clad Tie                                                                                                       Iron Clad Tie
If you wear this tie, you will look amazing. An interesting pattern like the   one on Robert Downey Jr.’s orange patterned tie will give you iron-clad GQ status. Strut your stuff, but beware, this superhero style requires expert-level fashion sense and tying skills.
The Coach tie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Coach Tie
Motivate your team (or co-workers, you can wear this to the office, too) with a bright tie that will rally respect and a general air of winning. Soccer coach Gary Smith competes with the best tie-wearers in this yellow polka dot tie and basic suit. Champion bold ties in your wardrobe by choosing colors that inspire you.
The Producer Tie                                                                                           Producer Tie
Do you have tons of meetings, work lunches and dinners? Then you need a tie that looks expensive and stylish, but not outlandish. Try dark neutrals with a fine print like this tie worn by actor and producer Mark Wahlberg. This tie can take you from day to night, so you’ll look good and close that big deal.
The Textured Tie                                                                                         Textures Tie
You could argue that actor Henry Cavill looks good in everything, but we’re over the moon for his deep red, textured tie. This timeless tie, combined with his lavender shirt, contrast his suit nicely. Every man should have a power tie like this to show elegance and confidence.
The Feature tie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Feature tie
“Wow, that tie really brings out your eyes.” If that’s something you’ve   always wanted to hear, show off those baby blues like actor Matt Bomer. Wear a tie that brings out your favorite feature — maybe it’s your eyes, hair or even skin. Whatever makes your feature pop in the mirror is the right choice.
The Floral Tie                                                                                                   Floral Tie
If you’ve mastered all geometric prints, worn the paisley in a multitude of colors and can’t get enough of bold hues, it just might be time to try the floral tie. Worn by garden enthusiasts and East Coasters alike, the floral tie makes a colorful statement. Designer Zac Posen wears his floral tie with a color coordinated shirt.
The Presidential Tie                                                                                        Presidential Tie
All hail the Commander-in-Chief and his tie selections. President Obama knows how to pick a tie that says, “I’m strong, I have personality, but I’m professional.” The President keeps his ties modern with rich colors, prints and a touch of shine, but always finds colors and patterns that are suitable for his age and vocation.
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